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 Michael Gosey - Class of '69

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You might remember me from:
i had none....

Family Snapshot:
I've been married to Vivian since 1973 and have 3 sons, 2 granddaughters and 2 grandsons.

My Birthday: June 2

Grandfather of 4 and husband of 47 years to Vivian whom I met at Tech in '70. Math/Computer/Guitar goof who made a bunch of money selling technology w/Oracle and IBM. Prior to entering the netherland of corporate Amerika I was a professional guitarist. Still play every day. If you are interested, my first CD project is on CD Baby and iTUnes (If I Could Just Fly by Michael Gosey). Or if you email me I'll send you one for free. Being completely honest I hated high school. I hated all the cliques and social posturing, the presumptuousness of the teachers if you were at all 'different', the perceived smugness of the athletes and cheerleaders. But upon perusing this site (thank you Ralph!!!!) I have more of a tempered memory of high school and will likely attend the reunion this April, though i doubt many will remember me. Regardless, God bless you all, everyone!!!!

My Favorite Memories from High School:
Sidney Swigget's music appreciation class which was hugely formative for me. I lusted after Iris Sweeney, my Calculus teacher. Steve Adams and I once debated how she would be in bed (a tiger we thought)

If I could go back to high school for just one day:
I'd shoot myself but not before dumping those goofy glasses

Teachers, Coaches or Administrators who made a positive impact on me:
Swiggett, Sweeney, Ms. Hall (an awesome lady and made me love 4 years of Latin), Ms Gebhardt, who instilled in me a love for English literature, such a sweet lady

After graduation, I completed 6 years of college/university studies and earned the following degrees:
  • Bachelor's Degree from Va Tech
  • Master's Degree from Va Tech

Other interests or achievements during my college/university years include:
playing blistering loud rock music with the many bands i was in while in high school and college. various bands opened for Grand Funk Railroad, Badfinger and Mountain. We never made big time........sort of a crappy life style to be truthful

My Occupation/Profession:  Sales Director/Executive/VP (Retired)
I worked for:  Oracle Corp and IBM

My professional titles, certifications, special achievements or awards include:
VP of Sales, Worldwide Director of Smarter Cities Sales for IBM...........

Since graduation, I have visited 50 U.S. States or Territories and 20 foreign countries.

Highlights of my travels include:
waaaayyy too many to mention. I'd say Prague and New Zealand were the best.

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