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Reunion Committee:
Becky Crenshaw
Keith Derby
Phil Everhart
Stuart Goodman
Rick Jacobson
Robert Jernigan
Nancy Jones Trimble
Nancy Jones King
Cindy Morris Davis
Chip Paradise
Peggy Parsons Jackson
Wanda Pilkey Rammell
Buddy Routten
Pam Strayer Wood
Debbie Todd Scott
John Whitley
Chris Wilson
Ralph Wood

Website Admin:
Ralph Wood

164 of us have added our profiles to the Alumni Directory, so far.

Combined, we have 331 children, 375 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren.

26 of us served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

120 of us spent a combined total of 395 years earning 16 Associates, 73 Bachelors, 34 Masters and 11 Doctorate degrees.

Our most-traveled? One of us has visited 52 U.S. States or Territories and has also visited 79 foreign countries.

16 of us have birthdays this month, and 19 of us have birthdays in June.

Currently, 95 of us are retired.

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Willie Adams  
Robert Anderson, Jr  
Gwen Barbour Milholen  
John Bivins  
Deborah Clark Roseman  
Frances Clark Ey  
Stephen Conlan  
Peggy Daley Matthews  
Keith Derby  
Thomas Drye  
Thomas Dunn  
Charles Ferris, III  
Michael Gosey  
Charles Griffith  
Joseph Hux  
Carolyn Johnson Klein  
Nancy Jones King  
W. Jones, Jr.  
Debbie Keeter Ross  
Joseph Landrum  
Robert Mann  
Russell McCullough, III  
Freeman Nicks  
Alfred Paradise, Jr  
Albert Woodfin Patrick, III  
Bob Phillips  
Charleen Quarles Ayers  
Barbara Schreiber Barnette  
Adrienne Simmons George  
Troy Smith, Jr  
Richard Sprouse  
Rita Twiggs  
Catherine Weih Hoffman  
Reginald C. Williams  
Taylor C. Wilson, III  

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Willie Adams  
David Alexander  
Jimmy Antinori  
John Bivins  
Ronald Brogden  
Thomas Bruce  
Edwin Elmore, III  
Michael Fazzi  
James Feller  
Charles Ferris, III  
Malcolm Garris  
James Harrup  
Tony Haynes  
Linda Houser Staton  
David Hull  
David James  
Joseph Landrum  
Mst. Sgt Ronald Miott  
Dennis Mull N/A  
Richard Phaneuf  
Lawrence Reed  
William Rogers, Jr  
Anthony Rosso  
Adrienne Simmons George  
Ronald Weber  
Ralph Westphal, Jr  
Reginald C. Williams  

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Classmates in the U.S.
 District of Columbia
 Florida 20 
 Maryland 10 
 New Hampshire
 New Jersey
 New Mexico
 New York
 North Carolina 34 
 South Carolina
 Texas 13 
 Virginia 375 

Classmates Abroad:
 Korea, Republic of
 United Kingdom

Totals include confirmed and unconfirmed addresses as input by the reunion committee.

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